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SMS-banking – service makes possible to receive any information or carry out operations with your banking payment card via SMS-messages.

SMS-banking features:

Passive operations, you will receive automatic messages for:

  • money movement on the card account with info about available card balance;
  • credit limit setting or changing.

Active operations, which initiated by you:

  • money transfer between cards issued by Ukrsotsbank;
  • money transfer from/to saving account;
  • request for available card balance.

How to subscribe to the Service*:

  • in our ATMs, insert your card and choose "Other services" menu;
  • via internet-banking Ukrsotsbank Online, menu "Card management" submenu "Activate SMS-banking";
  • to call to our Contact Center, 332 for mobile and 0 800 3000 90 (сalls from fixed and mobile networks in Ukraine are free of charge) and +380 (44) 205-45-55 (for international and domestic calls);
  • in our outlets, visit the nearest outlet and fill an application for connection to the SMS-banking. You can indicate additional cards of additional holders to give them a limited set of services.

The fee for the use of SMS Banking services:

Charge for SMS-banking usage and for executed transactions via SMS-banking is carried out by the automatic debit of this amount from your card according to the tariffs of this card.

Documents about usage of another Bank products saved in Tariffs and important documents.

* activated within three working days since the request submitted.
  available to subscribers of MTS, Kyivstar, Life:), TryMob.

Branches & ATMs

Find your nearest branch

Contact сentre

0 800 3000 90

Calls from fixed and mobile networks in Ukraine are free of charge

Branches & ATMs
0 800 3000 90 0 800 3000 90
0 800 3000 90 0 800 3000 90
332 0 800 3000 90
Currency rates
Cash rates
23.05.2019 Bid Ask
UAH/USD 26.1500 26.4000
UAH/EUR 29.1000 29.5500
UAH/RUB 0.3950 0.4180
Archive of currencies
Cashless rates
21.05.2019 Bid Ask
UAH/USD 26.0900 26.1300
UAH/EUR 29.0900 29.1500
UAH/RUB 0.4040 0.4055
UAH/CHF 25.8400 25.9100
Archive of currencies
Rates on cards
23.05.2019 Write-off Return
UAH/USD 26.4000 26.1500
UAH/EUR 29.5500 29.1000
USD/UAH 0.0382 0.0379
EUR/UAH 0.0344 0.0338
USD/EUR 1.1300 1.1023
EUR/USD 0.9072 0.8849
Archive of currencies

Calls from fixed and mobile networks in Ukraine are free of charge.

The callback service for mobile calls.

Number to be used for calls from mobile number within Ukraine for Vodafone, Kyivstar, lifecell subscribers.

Rates according to tariff plan used by user.

The callback service for mobile calls.

For international and domestic calls.

The callback service for mobile calls.

Rates apply to the actual date of writing-off from the account and are close to the bank’s exchange rate while blocking the necessary amount at the time of the transaction fulfilment.
At first card account currency is stated, hereafter the settlement currency with payment system is indicated.
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