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Winners of ‘Firework of gifts’ action were announced!


The winners of "Firework of gifts!" were announced on 9 December, 2010. It lasted from 1 September to 15 November, 2010. The commission was formed to determine the winner, which consisted of representatives from the bank and an independent observer. The results have been certified by a notary.

The action took place in liaison with partners of the bank: Visa International payment system, "Eldorado" supermarket chain of home appliances, "EKO-market" chain of supermarkets and "Cosmo" trade chain.

Under the terms of the action:

  • those who paid for goods or services at any retail and service chain for the total amount of UAH 1000 with Visa of Ukrsotsbank during the promotional period, got a chance to become the owner of one of 20 payment cards of Visa Gift Card with UAH 500 on its account;
  • 20 participants who carried the largest number of payments (transactions) by Visa Ukrsotsbank for goods or services in the amount of UAH 50 at any trade and service chain during the promotional period, have won a cash prize of UAH 3000;
  • participants who paid for their purchases with Visa Ukrsotsbank at "Eldorado" for a total amount of UAH 1000 during the promotional period, got a chance to become owners of a card from the loyalty program for the amount of 5000 bonus, one out of 2 cards due to the loyalty program on the amount of 2000 bonus, or one of the 3 cards from the loyalty program on the amount of 1000 bonus from the ‘Eldorado’ supermarket chain of household appliances;
  • participants who paid for the purchases with Visa Ukrsotsbank at "EKO-market" supermarkets for a total amount of UAH 1000 during the promotional period had a chance to win one of 20 food packages from the "EKO-market" supermarket chain;
  • participants who at least once paid for the purchases with Visa Ukrsotsbank at "Cosmo" chain during the promotional period, got a chance to become owners of a gift card of UAH 500, one of the 3 gift cards of UAH 100 or one of 5 gift cards of UAH 50.

According to the results:

The owners of 20 payment cards of Visa Gift from Ukrsotsbank are:

Antsiborenko Elena Vladimirovna, Kiev city;

Baruhovich Vadim Yakovlevitch, Zaporozhye city;

Voynalovich Nikolay Yuriyevitch, Dmitrovka village, Kiev region;

Kostirkin Anatoly Anatolievitch, Donetsk city;

Kuzimkiv Vera Semyonovna, Lvov city;

Lavrov Sergey Vladimirovitch, Lvov city;

Leonchuk Natalia Vasiliyevna, Kiev city;

Lyushenko Vassily Vasilievitch, Kiev city;

Morozova Natalia Sergeyevna, Kiev city;

Myasnikov Elena Terentievna, Dnepropetrovsk city;

Pishnaya Lyudmila Georgievna, Kiev city;

Podvoisky Elizabeth Igorevna Brovary town;

Prozhogina Xenia Maratovna, Kiev city;

Rigaya Irina Valerievna, Khmelnitsky city,

Rogovskaya Tatiana Leontievna, Yalta city;

Tortzevaya Eugeniya Andreyevna, Slavutich town, Kiev region;

Usachev Alina Al'bertovna, Kharkov city;

Frolov Edward Vladimirovitch, Volodarka village, Kiev region;

Bistriy Andrey Vasilievitch, Kiev city;

Shmatko Vladimir Alekseevitch, Obara village, Rivne region.

The owners of 20 cash prizes of UAH 3000 from Visa International payment system are:

Bubneva Elena Mikhailovna, Akimovka town;

Veter Anna Yurievna, Melitopol city;

Vorobyova Angelina Anatolievna, Donetsk city;

Gayukov Yuri Vladimirovitch, Energodar town;

Georganova Oxana Nikolayevna, Melitopol city;

Zonov Pavel Anatolievitch, Simferopol city;

Korotenko Natalia Vladimirovna, Berdyansk town;

Lel Alexandra Vyatcheslavovna, Yalta city;

Litovchenko Marina Andreyevna, Kherson city;

Melnyk Lydia Aleksandrovna, Yalta city;

Merkulenko Irina Valeryevna, Kerch town;

Nanovska Elena Vasiliyevna, Berdychiv town;

Nowicka Inna Pavlovna, Energodar town;

Petrovich Olga Aleksandrovna, Severodonetsk town;

Smetanina Svetlana Valeryevna, Voznesensk town;

Chaykovskaya Marina Aleksandrovna, Zhitomir city;

Cheban Elena nikolayevna, Zaporozhye city;

Cherkashina Marianna Vyatcheslavovna, Kharkov city;

Chertkova Tatiana Timofeyevna, Energodar town;

Shishkina Tatyana Vladimirovna, Alupka town.

The owner of loyalty card program for 5000 bonuses from the "Eldorado" chain of appliances is:

Shostak Evgeniy Vyatcheslavovitch, Energodar town.

The owners of 2 cards of loyalty program for 2000 bonuses from the "Eldorado" chain of appliances are:

Balitsky Stepan Mikhailovich, Ivano-Frankivsk town;

Kratkaya Tatiana Vladimirovna, Kiev city.

The owners of 3-card loyalty program in the amount of 1000 bonuses from the "Eldorado" chain of appliances are:

Pahulska Irina Zinovyevna, Ivano-Frankivsk town;

Ponomarev Anatoly Vasilyevitch, Kharkov city;

Romanova Alla Nikolaevna, Kiev city.

The owners of 20 food packages from the "EKO-market" supermarket chain are:

Androsova Natalia Borisovna, Sumy town;

Babitch Angelina Nikolayevna, Kiev city;

Bugaenko Tatiana Nikolayevna, Kiev city;

Volk Petr Petrovitch, Kiev city;

Gradun Lilia Ivanovna, Konotop town;

Gusev Igor Gennadyevitch, Vinnitsa town;

Grishin Andrey Viktorovitch, Kiev city;

Datsko Viktor Petrovich, Kiev city;

Dikiy Alexander Nikolayevitch, Sumi town;

Dubovik Vyacheslav Viktorovitch, Zhitomir town;

Kelioglo Irina Petrovna, Kiev city;

Kurta Gregory Vasilyevitch, Zhitomir town;

Pappa Oleg Igorevitch, Kiev city;

Pinchuk Alexander Petrovitch, Kiev city;

Rudoy Vladimir Mikhailovitch, Kiev city;

Savchuk Viktor Ivanovich, Kiev city;

Soroka Sergey Petrovich, Kiev city;

Ushakova Julia Sergeyevna, Kiev city;

Fedosyuk Evgeniy Pavlovitch, Kiev city;

Sheverdina Tatiana Gennadiyevna, Kiev city.

The owner of a gift card of UAH 500 from the "Cosmo" trade chain is:

Pikiner Elena Anatolyevna, Kiev city.

The owners of 3 gift cards of UAH 100 from the "Cosmo" trade chain are:

Blinder Margarita Vasilyevna, Kiev city;

Kravchenko Daria Timofeevna, Kyiv city;

Mironenko Tatiana Gennadiyevna, Kiev city.

The owners of gift cards of UAH 50 from the "Cosmo" trade chain are:

Voichenko Svetlana Fedorovna, Kiev city;

Godlevskaya Oksana Leonidovna, Kiev city;

Dadayan Lidia Ivanovna, Kiev city;

Laskovaya Irina Mikhailovna, Kiev city;

Udavitsky Alexander Vyatcheslavovitch, Kiev city.

Ukrsotsbank congratulates winners and wish them pleasant surprises in life, as well as new gifts during participation in Ukrsotsbank actions!


Ukrsotsbank is one of the largest universal banks of Ukraine, operating in the local market since 1990. The bank offers full range of services to individuals and corporate clients.

The renovated Ukrsotsbank emerged on 31 October 2016 as a result of strategic deal whereby 99.9% of Ukrsotsbank shares have been transferred from UniCredit Group to ABH Holdings S.A. (АВНН) in exchange for a minority 9.9% stake in ABHH. Thus, the bank has combined 26-year-old traditions of Ukrsotsbank’s client-centric attitude, European quality of service inherent to UniCredit, as well as international banking expertise of ABHH in a number of European countries including CIS. Thanks to the successful synthesis and synergy of the two assets of ABHH in Ukraine, Ukrsotsbank and Alfa-Bank, the banking market of Ukraine will see the rise of a new stronger financial institution. This, in turn, will spur up technological advance, increase efficiency, improve quality of service for the clients, reduce cost of banking services whereas their range will inevitably expand.

The extensive retail network of Ukrsotsbank consists of 237 branches, its headcount reaching nearly 5 thousand employees.

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