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Contact Center

Contact centre of Ukrsotsbank is a full service hub for quick and efficient assistant with the broadest possible range of personal financial solutions. Our highly-qualified specialists are committed to the highest quality standards of communication according to the best traditions of the leading international banking group.

Contact centre of Ukrsotsbank is available for you 24/7!

Services provided by Contact centre.

With the help of automatic menu of Contact centre you can go through:

  • The balance of your card account;
  • The sum of your current credit line payment;
  • The sum of your total credit lone payment;
  • "Saving+" balance.

By calling to Ukrsotsbank Contact Centre you can get qualified consultation about the products and services of the Bank: 

  • Conditions for opening and closing current accounts, rules of services and general tariffs; 
  • Conditions for opening and closing card accounts and payment cards, general tariffs; 
  • Personal and current restrictions of payment cards;
  • Ways of avoiding fraud;
  • "Saving+" and "Active" accounts;
  • Additional services: "SMS-banking", "Account statement", "Payments" and " SPO";
  • Deposits for individuals;
  • Types and conditions of loans for individuals;
  • Loyalty programs, promotion and special offers;
  • Rules and conditions of  money transfers;
  • Money payments from individuals to legal entities;
  • Tariffs and conditions of "Individual safe" service;
  • Conditions of  banking metals purchase;
  • Personal checks, tariffs;
  • Currency exchange rate, currency exchange regulations;
  • Ukrsotsbank Online and mobile application UniCredit Mobile for individuals and Internet-client-bank for legal entities;
  • List of addresses of branches and ATMs of Ukrsotsbank and partner banks, as well as serviceability of Ukrsotsbank’s ATMs.

You can also:

  • Lock and unlock payment card;
  • Impose and withdraw restrictions on payment cards;
  • Order new card in case of loss, theft of damage;
  • Renew the card that expires;
  • Activate "Saving+" and "Active" deposit accounts;
  • Transfer funds from "Saving+" deposit account to card account;
  • Transfer funds to "Saving+" / "Active" deposit account;
  • Activate and deactivate services: "SMS-banking", "Account statement", "Payments";
  • Get information about flow of funds on your card, current, deposit or credit accounts;
  • Submit a request to unblock twice withdrawn sums;
  • Cancel deposit automatic renewal;
  • Get information about bank products and answers to your inquiries on your personal email;
  • Activate and deactivate user account in Ukrsotsbank Online system;
  • Acquire information about the availability and status of the SOFT and MoneyGram transfers.

Make an appointment in branch of Ukrsotsbank

Leave feedback and propositions about Contact centre service

Please call:

0 800 3000 90
Calls from fixed and mobile networks in Ukraine are free of charge;
+380 (44) 205-45-55
Calls from mobile number within Ukraine for Vodafone, Kyivstar, lifecell subscribers.
Rates according to tariff plan used by user.

Dear clients,

Ukrsotsbank offers two hotlines for borrowers in order to provide maximum assistance:

1) 0 800 50 18 10 – for clients with secured loans; (Mon - Fri from 9.00 to 18.00)

2) 044 354 30 58 – for clients with unsecured loans клиентов, including clients with credit cards. (Mon - Sat from 9.00 to 20.00)


Branches & ATMs

Find your nearest branch

Contact сentre

0 800 3000 90

Calls from fixed and mobile networks in Ukraine are free of charge

Branches & ATMs
0 800 3000 90 0 800 3000 90
0 800 3000 90 0 800 3000 90

Calls from fixed and mobile networks in Ukraine are free of charge.

Number to be used for calls from mobile number within Ukraine for Vodafone, Kyivstar, lifecell subscribers.

Rates according to tariff plan used by user.

The callback service for mobile calls.

International and domestic calls according to the tariffs of the operator.

Rates apply to the actual date of writing-off from the account and are close to the bank’s exchange rate while blocking the necessary amount at the time of the transaction fulfilment.
At first card account currency is stated, hereafter the settlement currency with payment system is indicated.
Service quality appraisal


Any questions, offers, comments?

We appreciate our cooperation with you. Please fill the feedback form bellow for sharing your suggestions , comments as well as ask us a question or call Contact-center of JSC "Ukrsotsbank" by number 0 800 5000 20 (landline calls within Ukraine are free).

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