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UniCredit Bank - closer to a client: interview of Mr. Georgi Zamanov, Director of Corporate Business Center


Lately the issue of Eurointegration topic is often raised in Ukraine. What is your position to that issue as a bank, represented by European group?

For economy the most important is stability, long-term strategy and prospective. Business community should distinctly understand the vector of development up to 2020, 2050 and so on. It is also important for the banks (both local and international), for which sustainable growth means a possibility for further development. For example, membership in associations, signing of trade agreements, mutually profitable cooperation with neighboring states and with worldwide states guarantee long-term prospective for the country. Ukraine has a beneficial geographical situation. Being in the center of Europe it is a bridge between Europe and Asia, giving colossal possibilities for the development of country’s economy. That is Ukraine’s uniqueness.

What is the situation with bank development this year?

We did a good job. During the last 3 years (starting from 2011) the annual growth of performing loan portfolio was - $250 mn, deposit portfolio – more than $100 mn. The bank is aimed at not just survival, but active development of its business and franchise. And this is the plan we are going to follow in 2014.

The termination of merger process of two banks is planned for current December. Which is the strategic vision, main directions of development?

Business merger of two banks – PJSC “Ukrsotsbank” and PJSC “UniCredit Bank” – took place three years ago. Currently we are in the process of technical merger – technically we will have better platform for more efficient operation. We simply continue doing our job to render clients better service.

What is the uniqueness of your approach to client servicing? Can you make a certain example?

Our Bank philosophy is to be closer to the client. We communicate with the client and give the best solution using our international experience and knowledge. For example, the client needs investments to equipment, which is bought for 7 years and the crediting is offered for only 3 years. The result of such approach is re-crediting in 3 years or overdue loan. We do not work in such a way. What is really important for us – to hear our client, deeply understand his/her business, needs and offer individual solution giving prospective for its development.

Do you plan any innovations in the nearest time for the development of corporate business?

During integration period we have developed a new model of our network. It will consist of 14 corporate centers, covering the whole Ukraine from Lvov to Lugansk and from Chernigiv to Crimea. Our model is to be as close as possible to the client. We will invest a lot of resources to training our personnel, to search of appropriate people, to network expansion. And based on this infrastructure we will build up a business platform for the future development. Starting from January 1st we will have a new network structure, making us closer to our clients. Such approach perfectly coincides with UniCredit philosophy: life is full with ups and downs and we are there to support you at any time.

Source: Forbes №12, December 2013, p.75
Date: 02.12.2013

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