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Contactless cards - these are the high-tech cards with contactless payment innovation technology that allows you to make purchases instantly, just touch your payment card to the display of contactless reader device at the checkout or payment terminals. It is enough to put the card to the POS-terminal and touch the top panel with a distinctive badge

Payments with MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave cards suit for any amount. If the amount of the purchase does ot exceed 100 UAH for MasterCard cards and does not exceed 200 UAH for Visa cards, there is no need to sign the check and enter the PIN code. This technology greatly saves your time when performing daily payment transactions in retail chains.

The main advantages of MasterCard cards with PayPass technology and Visa cards with PayWave technology:

Easy to use – it is enough to put the card to a special terminal at the cash desk and purchase will be paid instantly.

Saving time - duration of payment transaction with contactless cards reduces by 40%.

Safety - it is not necessary to give card to cashier when paying via contactless cards. If the amount of payment is over 100 UAH for MasterCard card/ 200 UAH for Visa card, it is obligatory to enter a PIN code or to provide a signature of the card holder.

Universality - MasterCard/ Visa cards with PayPass/ PayWave technologies represented as cards with a magnetic stripe and a chip-module, so it can be used in any payment terminal around the world, regardless of whether the terminal supports this contactless payment feature.

Variety - issuing of two cards - MasterCard or Visa with PayPass/ PayWay technologies. You can issue the primary card with contactless technology of one payment system and an additional card with contactless technology of a different payment system.

Payment cards MasterCard Gold PayPass, Visa Gold PayWave – are premium cards, emphasizing the status of the owner and give him the opportunity to take the advantages of special privileges and services of MasterCard and Visa payment systems. More information about premium Gold cards can be found at the following link.

Payment terminals of contactless payment technology are available in supermarkets “Furshet”, “Caravan”, “Kosmos”, “Sheremetevsky”, “Antoshka” and “Mega Antoshka”, in the network of cafes and restaurants McDonald's, “Puzata Khata”, Coffee Life, Aroma, in the shop network - Baldinini, Guess, Levi's, OGGI, “Bomond”, in the network of gas stations - Shell, Socar, Vesta, Odissey, as well as in other networks around the world, a complete list of networks can be found at the following link: (MasterCard) and (Visa).

From Jun 2015 residents and visitors of Kyiv have unique opportunity to purchase Kiev subway ticket using MasterCard PayPass cards. When you put the card on reading device at the ticket barrier, the cost of travel (UAH 4) will be written off automatically. The bank doesn’t have any other additional fees.

Shopping and daily payments will be much more interesting and pleasant when you are using the contactless cards MasterCard PayPass or Visa PayWave!

Protection and security of cards:

Activate service "Skarbnychka", choose the monthly saving amount and Ukrsotsbank will transfer amount you chose from every enrollment of salary, pension, scholarship, social payments from your card account to saving deposit account.

Information about tariffs can be found in the Necessary documents section

Branches & ATMs
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Currency rates
Cash rates
10.12.2018 Bid Ask
UAH/USD 27.7500 28.0000
UAH/EUR 31.4000 32.0000
UAH/RUB 0.4030 0.4250
Archive of currencies
Cashless rates
10.12.2018 Bid Ask
UAH/USD 27.7700 27.8100
UAH/EUR 31.6800 31.7600
UAH/RUB 0.4188 0.4200
UAH/CHF 28.0930 28.1350
Archive of currencies
Rates on cards
10.12.2018 Write-off Return
UAH/USD 28.0000 27.7500
UAH/EUR 32.0000 31.4000
USD/UAH 0.0360 0.0357
EUR/UAH 0.0318 0.0312
USD/EUR 1.1532 1.1214
EUR/USD 0.8917 0.8672
Archive of currencies

Calls from fixed and mobile networks in Ukraine are free of charge.

The callback service for mobile calls.

Number to be used for calls from mobile number within Ukraine for Vodafone, Kyivstar, lifecell subscribers.

Rates according to tariff plan used by user.

The callback service for mobile calls.

For international and domestic calls.

The callback service for mobile calls.

Rates apply to the actual date of writing-off from the account and are close to the bank’s exchange rate while blocking the necessary amount at the time of the transaction fulfilment.
At first card account currency is stated, hereafter the settlement currency with payment system is indicated.
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