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Dear farmers, your business has a long orbital period of working capital? Want to get liquid financial instrument? Then a bill with aval by JSC "Ukrsotsbank" – is for you!


Agriculture is one of the strategic sectors of the economy and is always in the spotlight of JSC "Ukrsotsbank".

With a wide range of credit services JSC "Ukrsotsbank" always supports the farmers. JSC "Ukrsotsbank" with long practice of servicing clients’ bill payments, a wide regional network and centralized system of bills support, offers alternative to traditional lending - bills availed by JSC "Ukrsotsbank" for producers and trade companies of agroindustrial complex.


  • Goods: pesticides, fertilizers, seeds and other products used in the manufacture and storage of agricultural products.
  • Manufacturers of products: BASF, Syngenta, BAYER, MONSANTO and others.
  • Suppliers of goods: goods manufacturers and their official distributors.
  • Buyers of goods: agricultural sector enterprise.
  • Conditions of payment for the goods: trade credit (from 30 to 360 days).
  • Calculation tool: Bill, under which the payer is a buyer of goods.
  • Types of Bills: promissory notes, bill of exchange.
  • Terms of Bills: from 30 to 360 days within a calendar year.
  • Amount of bills: to the amount of value of goods.
  • Guarantor: JSC "Ukrsotsbank": Aval available for clients - payers of bills.
  • Client Requirements: stable financial condition and credit worthiness.
  • The term of the agreement on the provision of collateral: up to 5 years.
  • Amount of Aval: Aval within the limit set for the client.
  • Security Aval:

    • collateral real estate, personal property, property on deposit;
    • insurance of pledged property in any of the accredited bank-guarantor insurance companies.
  • Aval Price: depends on the procurement of goods, the period of its selling, the period of production.
  • Product price: value of goods, net of discount.


  • Reducing the costs of the company, compared to the cost of working capital or bank loan.
  • The cost of aval is 3-4 times cheaper than traditional lending.
  • Favorable conditions of sale/purchase of goods: price, trade credit, covering the risk of non-payment.
  • Effective management of accounts receivable/payable for the goods.
  • Release of funds for investment.
  • Creating a positive credit history.


  • Bill with aval by JSC "Ukrsotsbank" - is a liquid design tool. JSC "Ukrosotsbank" - Guarantor - one of the most reliable financial institutions in Ukraine.
  • Broad Bank's regional network - the guarantor.
  • Centralized support and monitoring of each availed bill.
  • Free consultancy support by bill specialist of the Bank.

To take advantage of this offer, please contact:
unit of bills services of Factoring and Bills Department
tel.: (044) 230-32-45:
and to managers in the nearest bank.

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